In a sense, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Even when a hypnotherapist is directing the process, the client's intention and focus are what make the trance state possible. There are many ways to practice hypnosis on your own. It
 can be as simple as following the rhythm of your breath until you are very relaxed. 

Then you can visualize what you want to create: achieving a goal, having a healthier lifestyle, or your immune system beating an infection, for example. You can also recite affirmations while deeply relaxed. 

Using hypnosis tapes or CDs is another way to practice self-hypnosis. Recordings allow you to be fully engaged in the experience without having to direct it. You can also make your own personalized recording by adapting a script from a book.

I empower my clients with self-hypnosis tools so that they can continue to make use of hypnosis outside of sessions. As with anything, the more you invest of yourself, the greater the rewards.


                             Alice Cornelia Kopp

What would you choose
if you could harness the
power of your mind?